Army Secretary Says Military Is In Good Position For Cuts


The Army is in prime position now, more than ever, to undergo deep budget cuts, said Army Secretary John McHugh on Monday. The former Republican congressman from New York went on to say, “we’ve seen this downturn coming for a while,” unlike other times in our country’s history when U.S. Defense budgets were cut, which McHugh concludes to mean that the Army is “better positioned to deal with it.”

While some politicians have warned against reducing the size of the military, McHugh said Army officials feel that as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are winding down, the military will be able to operate with a smaller force. He also asserts that the Army must continue to reorganize itself, warning against “what others will do to us.” McHugh went on to criticize analysts who question the need for a large standing Army, who he says wrongly see a future “that looks like Transformers.”

The Secretary’s comments come at a time when the 2011 presidential candidates are beginning to reveal their positions on foreign policy. Last week, front-runner Mitt Romney advocated his position to expand the military budget through the purchasing of new weapons and warships, as well as the expansion of troop levels.

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