Military History


Anger And Dismay at Stalled Guantanamo 9/11 Trial

Don Arias stormed out of the meeting with the defense lawyers at this U.S. Navy base after less than 15 minutes. He was soon followed by three others who also lost family members in the 9/11 terror attack.

They had… Full Story


More Than 170 Babies Meet Carrier Truman Dads

The wails of small babies nearly drowned out the patriotic rock song as the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman pulled up along a pier Friday morning at Norfolk Naval Station.

The heated tent reserved for mothers who had given birth… Full Story


Army Supporting Prayer Day Despite Protest

The Army plans to support a National Day of Prayer event closely associated with an evangelical Christian organization despite a protest from a group that wants to crack down on what it calls fundamentalist Christian domination of the U.S. military.… Full Story


Russia: No Military Moves Planned Against Ukraine

Russia’s defense chief assured Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Thursday that Russian forces along Ukraine’s eastern border have no intention of crossing into Ukrainian territory.

A Pentagon spokesman, Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby, said Hagel discussed Ukraine with Defense Minister… Full Story


New Threat, different from the Cold War Era

Russia’s military maneuvers in Crimea have left U.S. analysts questioning what sort of threat the former Cold War military giant’s forces, platforms and weaponry currently present.

Russian leaders have pushed to expand the military’s conventional land, air and sea forces… Full Story


Westboro Baptist Pastor Fred Phelps Sr. Dies at 84

The Rev. Fred Phelps Sr., the fiery founder of a small Kansas church who led outrageous and hate-filled protests that blamed almost everything, including the deaths of AIDS victims and U.S. soldiers, on America’s tolerance for gay people, has died.… Full Story


Ukraine Plans to Pull Military Out of Crimea

Ukraine’s fledgling government in Kiev announced plans to pull all 25,000 of its military personnel out of Crimea, effectively ceding the peninsula to Russia.

Russian troops and militia backers seized Ukraine’s navy headquarters in Crimea Wednesday as the U.S. and… Full Story


Afghanistan veteran William Kyle Carpenter to receive Medal of Honor

President Barack Obama will award medically retired Marine Lance Cpl. William Kyle Carpenter the Medal of Honor later this year in recognition of Carpenter’s heroic actions during a November 2010 grenade attack in Afghanistan, according to a Marine Corps… Full Story

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Black Sea port in Ukraine still key to Russia’s naval interests

Russia’s incursion into the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine has drawn attention to its naval base in Sevastopol and its Black Sea Fleet, a modest force of aging ships that military analysts say Russia is trying to modernize.

Over the… Full Story


Ukraine Says Russia Tries to Seize Airports, Base

Ukraine accused Russia of a “military invasion and occupation” on Friday, saying Russian troops have taken up positions around a coast guard base and two airports on its strategic Crimea peninsula.

Russia kept silent on those accusations but confirmed that… Full Story