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Russia Develops Air Defense Lasers

According to CEO of Russia’s Almaz-Antei advanced arms makers Dr Vladislav Menshikov, his companycontinues work, started decades ago in the Soviet Union, to develop powerful airborne lasers capable of shooting down hostile aircraft and incoming missiles. Sources say a weapon of this kind… Full Story


Ray Gun Protecting U.S. Ships from Iranian Speed-Boat Swarm Attacks

In the event of a U.S. military attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, the Iranians will adopt what the weaker side in a conflict typically does: engage in an asymmetric warfare; in the case of a naval clash, the Iranians are likely

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Mobile App Helps Troops Adjust to Life After Combat

The Department of Defense today announced the release of a mobile application to help service members adjust to life at home after returning from combat deployments.

Positive Activity Jackpot, developed by the National Center for Telehealth and Technology, uses augmented reality with a… Full Story


Army Advances with Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicles

The US Army has announced it is planning to start the production of armoured multi-purpose vehicles (AMPVs), aimed at replacing 3,800 M113 armoured personnel carriers currently in service with the Heavy Brigade Combat Teams (HBCTs) between 2015 and 2017.

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Silkworm Cocoons Could Could be Used for Military Gear

Car panels made of silkworm cocoons, clothing that can camouflage the wearer at the flick of a switch and a “smart” shirt with a phone and power source embedded in the fabric.

Scientists have made breakthroughs that could eventually make… Full Story


Moving Closer to Cognitive Radio for Army

The Joint Program Executive Office for Joint Tactical Radio Systems is moving closer to its vision of Cognitive Radio, a concept engineered to allow a family of software-programmable radios to better use portions of the available
spectrum, service officials… Full Story


Boeing Exec Plays Down 787’s Potential as Refueler

The composite body Boeing 787 is expected to revolutionize commercial air travel over the next decade, but don’t expect an aerial tanker version anytime soon.

Jim Albaugh, the president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, downplayed the notion of creating… Full Story


US Army Wants Wireless Battery Charging Everywhere

Tomorrow’s soldiers may get hands-free helmet displays and mobile computers to track friendly troop locations on the battlefield ― but they still need to recharge the batteries. The U.S. Army wants to make charging similarly hands-free by putting cordless charging… Full Story

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Army to Test Microsoft’s Kinect in Helicopter Cockpits

Motion-tracking game technology found in American living rooms has a shot at making its way into U.S. military helicopters. The Army envisions Microsoft’s Kinect system as a low-cost solution for smarter cockpits that track what pilots see or do — opening the… Full Story


Underwater Robot Face Off

With a national title on the line, student teams from across the country are competing with their underwater robots in the Office of Naval Research (ONR)-funded championship in Manassas Park, Va.

The 2012 National SeaPerch Challenge brings top teams from middle and high school… Full Story