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Putin: NSA Surveillance Needed to Fight Terrorism

MOSCOW – President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that National Security Agency surveillance is necessary to fight terrorism, but added that the U.S. government must “limit the appetite” of the agency with a clear set of ground rules.

Putin’s comment was… Full Story

post 9-11 weaponary

Advances In Weaponary Since 9/11

On the 10th year anniversary of 9/11, listed a few significant advances in weaponry that have occurred over the years. The trend that they were seeing is the fact that technological advances are don’t require high end… Full Story

assassins creed revelations

Top 10 Most-Anticipated Games Of The Year

As we swim through the chaos of the gaming world, we seek to answer the multi-million dollar question of the year: Can you simply name us the top 10 games of the year that we should be paying attention to?… Full Story

american military

World’s Top Military Units And Arm Forces

Taken from, here is a list of the world’s 10 best military units/arm forces. Modern military takes into consideration executive control, management and administration of military organizations that is controlled and overseen by the Department of Defense, Department of… Full Story

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10 Most Insane Modern Dictators

Compiled by, the list below showcases the top 10 Modern Dictators who were (for lack of a better word) absolutely nuts! Talk about absolution, power hungry, corruption, and every means to get the job done. “These dictators… Full Story

10 important events in us history

Top 10 Important Events In America’s History

Gathered from, the list below identifies the 10 most influential events that help change history and shape America into what it is today. Feel free to share your thoughts, comments and feedback. How would you personally rank the events… Full Story

10 most notable national revolutions

Top 10 Most Notable National Revolutions

Political struggles, oppression, the fight for world peace, democracy, and equality certainly don’t come cheap. In fact, it is an inevitable part of human nature that will undeniably continue throughout the rest of human history. Taken from, the list… Full Story


Top 10 World War II Infantry Weapons

World War II was undeniably one of the “greatest, bloodiest conflict in human history,” as reported by It was also a symbolic celebration in the rise of technological advancements in weapons. Compiled by TopTenz, here are the Top 10… Full Story

top 10 military catastrophe

Top 10 Military Catastrophes

We’ve heard of successful military stories and we’ve read about their tactics, strategies and glorify the intelligence of it all. What we don’t see more often is the opposite end of the spectrum: failed military operations and errors on the… Full Story


Top 12 Patriotic 4th of July Films To Celebrate America’s Independence

Be sure to add some of these movies to your BBQ and firework-activity plans! Here are the top 12 patriotic movies that LA have compiled:
How did you celebrate your 4th of July weekend?

1.     Captain America – The… Full Story