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Top 10 Intelligence Agencies Of The World

The elite Intelligence Agencies of a nation is “an effective instrument of a national power,” as reported by Most often than not, the world “intelligence” makes you think of “spy” and “covert-based” activities. Movies such as “James Bond”, “Mission… Full Story


Top 10 Military Forces Of The World

Let’s hear it from the great men and women who serve nations around the world. War, as they say is inevitable. What sets a country apart from the other may include economy, or standard of living. And to other nations,… Full Story


TOP 10 Military Sniper Rifles

So what defines a sniper, and how can you ‘train’ to become a good sniper? Can a good rifle make you a good sniper?’s U.S Military section wrote, “A lot of people have the misconception that to be a… Full Story


Top 10 Military Generals And Field Tacticians

Referenced from, here is a list of the top 10 military generals and military field tacticians that have successfully established their credibility through their courses of action in the battlefield, their historical legacy along with their track record of… Full Story