Ex-Soldier’s Bin Laden Chess Set Gains Popularity With Armed Forces Overseas


An ex-soldier has recently been selling a chess set that features Osama bin Laden. The chess sets feature Osama bin Laden on one side of the set and either the U.S. or British officials on the other, and played on the map of Afghanistan. So far, these chess sets have been a hit with armed forces.

The creator, Jeffrey Train, 48, of Toronto said the idea came to him while serving at Afghanistan’s Kandahar Airfield in 2006. When his tour ended, he began creating the U.S. and British versions. He says that the chess sets are very popular with armed forces overseas.

The side with Osama bin Laden features him as the king with a burqa-clad woman as the queen. The British version includes Prime Minister Tony Blair as king and Queen Elizabeth II as queen. Train also says that there are two different versions for the U.S.: one with former President George W. Bush and the other with current President Barack Obama. The set is currently sold for 250 pounds.

Military.com and UPI

Image:  news.sky.com


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