Gamers Can Now Be “Like Putin”


In Russia, Vladimir Putin is you! A new video game produced by Agency One and available only in Russia puts the gamer in Putin’s shoes by making the main character, well, Vladimir Putin, of course. The game involves fighting terrorists, fighting forest fires, and driving a Lada Kalina.

While Putin has been criticized for being corrupt and autocratic, he is still a popular Prime Minister in Russia. Despite his popularity, Agency One was worried that the game would not be popular with most gamers.

Alexei Nabakov, head of Agency One, says of the game, “We were afraid that the reaction would be bad, but it seems to me that we made an enjoyable game.¬†We were thinking about a striking move to promote our agency. And Vladimir Putin immediately came to our minds.”

Some analysts believe that the game was created due to Putin or his allies convincing Agency One to do so.

United Press International



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