Go BigDogs!

Go BigDogs!

MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va. – It cannot be a better time for soldiers to form alliances with their robot counterparts than now.

Dubbed the tEOD, these robots can be utilized and optimized for both military and non-military purposes.

They are able to withstand hazardous tasks, handle explosives, and even close valves and open pressurized containers (in chemical fires) to aid firefighters. In addition, these robots have a built-in tool filing system, and they are able to change electrical tools on their own depending on the mission!

A new project announced by the Boston Dynamics company and spear-headed by a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, unveiled a four-legged robot, which is termed the BigDog. It has been tested and exhibited at the National Museum of Marine Corps. While at the museum, people can watch a video that shows all the capabilities a BigDog in full force.

One of many impressive highlights of this robot involves its ability to run on its hydraulic legs very realistically at an extremely high speed. BigDogs are able to carry 340 pounds worth of military equipment on an even surface, and 140 pounds on an uneven surface (unpaved terrains).

The future of technology and military research is in a constant evolving state and we are one step closer to join forces with our fellow mechanical counterparts to aid us in our missions, and to perform activities that are dangerous for the physical nature of our bodies.

Photo Courtesy of “U.S Army”.

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