Mexican President To Appear In PBS TV Adventure Series


Mexican President Felipe Calderon will be appearing as an adventure guide in his upcoming TV series on PBS. President Felipe Calderon will host the show as he travels throughout Mexico. The president hopes that the show will help promote tourism in his country, even though the country is experiencing ongoing drug gang wars.

The show has already received criticism for being a “cover-up” and not fully showing the best of the country’s natural wonders. Many observers of Calderon say this is not surprising, as he has constantly used the media as a means of softening the country’s image.

His opponents are also skeptic of the show. The Democratic Revolution Party, headed by Congresswoman Leticia Quezada, is particularly opposed to the show, saying that government vehicles should not be used to make the show.

The shows will run 30-minutes long, but no word yet of the premier date.

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