Military & Celebrity Dating: Match Made In Heaven?

justin timberlake date

Last week we’ve reported that Marine Sgt. Scott Moore successfully landed a date with Hollywood Celebrity Mila Kunis after requesting to her directly via a video he made, which was posted on YouTube. Justin Timberlake who was featured on the show with her had told her to “do it for the troops” and “for her country.” Kunis agreed.

Now Jennifer who claims that she’s a U.S. Army Captain stationed at Camp Victory has posted a video requesting for Justin Timberlake to join her “for her birthday on September 6th in Iraq,” as reported by the team at Under The Radar. “And now we’ve got Corporal Kelsey De Santis calling out Justin for pressuring Mila and challenging him to be her date for the Marine Corps Ball in Washington this November.”

Timberlake finally announced this weekend that he will be granting Kelsey’s request and attend the Marine Corps Ball with her.

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