New Grand Theft Auto Set In Iran

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The director of the famous Grand Theft Auto game series has set his sights on a new venue for his games: Iran. Navid Khonsari, the man who developed Alan Wake and Homefront, announced in an interview with CNN that he has been working on a new game called 1979. While the game is not actually a part of the Grand Theft Auto series, it will follow the same style.

It will be based on Ayatollah Khomeini-led Iranian revolution that took place in 1979.

Khonsari says the game will start the player out as a third-person shooter, playing as an Iranian translator assisting a special forces team. Soon after, the player morphs into a student protester who does not support the changes he sees in the country.

There is no set release date for the game and Khonsari says they still have over a year and a half left of work to complete on it.

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