Oct 6th ’11 Marks The 10th Year Since The Start Of The Afghan War


Today is an important event in U.S. Military History as it marks the 10th year since the start of the war in Afghanistan. Following the Afghanistan War, the Iraq War took place. Statistically, there have been more than 22 million soldiers deployed and 42% of them who have gone twice, or more. The “Veterans for Common Sense” group has predicted that there will be a million more “new veteran claims” by December 31st, 2013.

Here are some of the statistics gathered by the veterans group as reported by Stripes.com:

  • 6,211 dead
  • 45,889  wounded in action
  • 367,749 veterans with a mental health condition
  • 1,442,987 million veterans eligible for VA healthcare, but only about half have been treated.
  • 9,700 new patients at the VA each month, on average
  • 624,266 veterans who have filed a disability claim
  • 107,718 veterans with an approved PTSD claim, about 17 percent of total claims
  • 2,293 active-duty suicides since January 2001,  including 298 war-zone suicides


Image: straighterline.com


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