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Movie Review: ‘Godzilla’

Most Hollywood action movies cram in so much death and destruction that there isn’t much room for character or plot development. If you watched the “Godzilla” trailers expecting it to tread the same path, you’ll be happily disappointed with the… Full Story


Sallie Mae Penalized $60M for Cheating Troops

Student lender Sallie Mae has reached a $60 million settlement with the Justice Department to resolve allegations that it charged members of the military excessive interest rates on their student loans, the federal government announced Tuesday.

The deal settles a… Full Story


Former Fighter Pilots Fight Over Flight Suits

A civil suit in Georgia that pitted former fighter pilots against each other has grabbed the attention of the military aviation community, including famed aviator Gen. Chuck Yeager. The defendants — four former naval aviators — claim the lawsuit brought… Full Story


Army Deserter Caught 5 Years Later

Kentucky State Police Trooper Duane Foley found himself executing a felony warrant early Friday evening after making a routine traffic stop.

At approximately 6 p.m. on Friday, Tpr. Foley witnessed Glen D. Turner, 32, driving in Keavy without a seat… Full Story


Pakistani Madrassa Names Library After Bin Laden

Most didn’t notice the new library at this Islamic seminary for girls near Pakistan’s capital, until locals saw the paper sign in Urdu posted on its wooden door: “Library of Osama bin Laden, the Martyr.”

Cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz, a… Full Story


Anger And Dismay at Stalled Guantanamo 9/11 Trial

Don Arias stormed out of the meeting with the defense lawyers at this U.S. Navy base after less than 15 minutes. He was soon followed by three others who also lost family members in the 9/11 terror attack.

They had… Full Story


More Than 170 Babies Meet Carrier Truman Dads

The wails of small babies nearly drowned out the patriotic rock song as the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman pulled up along a pier Friday morning at Norfolk Naval Station.

The heated tent reserved for mothers who had given birth… Full Story


Army Supporting Prayer Day Despite Protest

The Army plans to support a National Day of Prayer event closely associated with an evangelical Christian organization despite a protest from a group that wants to crack down on what it calls fundamentalist Christian domination of the U.S. military.… Full Story


Pilot Sidelined after Criticizing F-22 System

The Air Force has spent tens of millions of dollars over the past two years correcting problems with its premier jet fighter — issues that Capt. Joshua Wilson helped expose by speaking up, both to his bosses and on national… Full Story


2 Navy Helicopters Join South Korea Ferry Search

Two U.S. Navy helicopters began assisting Thursday morning in the search for survivors of a ferry that sank off the southwestern tip of South Korea a day earlier.

Almost 290 people, many of them high school students on a school… Full Story