Raytheon’s New Small Tactical Munition Costs The Same As A Pickup Truck

raytheon STM

Raytheon, the homeland security company, is aiming to have its Small Tactical Munition integrated into a wide variety of light-attack aircraft. STM is the company’s new 12-pound, 22-inch-long, precision guided, gravity dropped weapon.

The weapon was initially designed for use in unmanned aircraft systems, but STM’s small size makes it uniquely suited for manned systems as well; it is the smallest air-launched weapon in Raytheon’s portfolio. “The low weight and small size of STM enables UAS to fly farther, faster and carry more weapons then  they could if they were limited to carrying a single 100-pound class weapon,” said Bob Francois, vice president of Advanced Missiles and Unmanned Systems for Raytheon Missile Systems. “STM’s small size also enables weaponization of smaller UAS, such as the Shadow 200, that currently cannot be weaponized because of payload limitations.”  Francois went on to persuade, “Instead of using an expensive system to destroy a target such as a lightly armored vehicle, the warfighter could use an STM, which costs roughly the same as a pickup truck and reduces collateral damage.”

The Small Tactical Munition features foldable fins and wings, which enable the weapon to be employed from the U.S. military’s common launch tube, incorporates a purpose-built warhead designed by Nammo-Talley, and features a Kaman Aerospace electronic safe arm and fire device.

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Image: LA Times



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