“Red Dawn” Remake Set For A 2012 Release!


Word’s out that MGM’s remake of “Red Dawn” has finally found its feature calling via FilmDistrict – who is “reportedly making a deal to release the film” sometime in 2012, as reported by the LA Times. Featuring Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas, Adrienne Palicki and Josh Hutcherson, “Red Dawn” is set in a Reagan-era time period and showcases the United States battling North Koreans.

In the original movie, the archenemies of the film battling the United States were Soviet forces. In the remake, the invaders and enemies were then changed to the Chinese, but with revision, was switched to North Koreans. Part of the reason for this switch was because everyone feared for “offending the government of China”, which plays a critical role financially in the global film industry.

So far FilmDistrict’s CEO Peter Schlessel had refused to dive deeper in details. It will most likely hit the big screens sometime in 2012.

The movie cost a whopping $60 million to produce and was directed by Dan Bradley who was the second unit director on the last two “Bourne Identity” movies, along with “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.”

The Los Angeles Times


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