Russia Continues Arms Deliveries To Iran

radar jammers

Russia has sold and delivered a set of mobile radar blockers to Iran, and is in negotiations to send more. Moscow does not believe that the delivery conflicts with the sanction regime on the Islamic state, an official said Tuesday.

The deputy head of the military and technical cooperation agency, Konstantin Biryulin, said that the Avtobaza truck-mounted jammers are part of a larger spectrum of arms that Russia hopes to sell to Iran, despite the international community’s concerns over Tehran’s progressive nuclear arms program. “This is a defensive system,” Biryulin was quoted as saying by the state RIA Novosti news agency. “We are not talking about jets, submarines or even S-300 (missile) systems. We are talking about providing security for the Iranian state… We are in constant talks with Iran over that country’s purchases of military technology that does not fall under UN sanctions.” However, Biryulin did not confirm when the radar systems were delivered or how many units were sold.

Russia’s arms delivery to Iran was made public the same that a Western diplomat said that Russia and China were pressuring the U.N. atomic agency to reconsider or even hold back a report examining Iran’s suspected efforts to further develop nuclear weapons. Russia has had a history of defending its close trading partner, until it agreed in September of 2010 to to cancel a planned sale of S-300 missile systems and support stronger sanctions against Tehran. However, limited arms shipments from Russia have continued and last month Iran erected a Russian-made nuclear power plant on stream after several years of delays in Bushehr.




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