The Marines New Job? Dealing With Nudist Invasions

camp pendleton

Camp Pendleton is having a bit of nudist problem, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. The Corps is stuck in the middle of a dispute between civilian nude sunbathers and the California State Park Rangers.

The dispute is centered on the nudist’s claim that the State Rangers crossed onto federal land to issue them citations and order them to cover up. The nudists chose Gold Beach, the federal land in question, due to the fact it is unpopulated.

They are complaining that State Rangers from neighboring San Onofre state beach have overstepped their bounds by issuing citations while on federal lands.

Gold Beach is used by the Marine Corps for amphibious training purposes and is off-limits to civilians. Base officials have since posted signs telling civilians to stay off the beach. The nude sunbathers have planned to fight their citations in court.

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