Thriller Fiction Changes A Decade After 9/11

brad thor

The thriller fiction genre has been popular for decades, but within the past ten years, it’s gone through a dramatic change. Some of the popular thriller fictions, like the James Bond novels by Ian Fleming or “First Blood,” which features the character Rambo, were more fiction than anything.

But now, inspired by the events of 9/11, many thriller writers have changed from dashing spies and morality tales to authentic stories of international terrorism. After the country transitioned from the Cold War into the 90’s, the thriller genre went stagnant. Many writers found that this was because there was no longer a common enemy to write about. Once 9/11 occurred, we had found ourselves a common enemy once again.

Now the thriller genre has reinvented itself with the changing of time to be more rough and gritty. Thriller writers often do a lot of research while writing and strive for accuracy. They also include a lot more action and detail than those that came before. With all these changes, the thriller genre is now less fantasy and more reality. and Chicago Tribune



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