Top 10 World War II Infantry Weapons


World War II was undeniably one of the “greatest, bloodiest conflict in human history,” as reported by It was also a symbolic celebration in the rise of technological advancements in weapons. Compiled by TopTenz, here are the Top 10 infantry weapons which saved and ended many lives during World War II:

# 10: The Karabinger 98K
# 9: The M1 Carbine
# 8: The MP40
# 7: The Grenade
# 6: The Sten Gun
# 5: The Luger PO8
# 4: The KA-BAR Combat Knife
# 3: Thomspon Submachine Gun
# 2: The PPSh-41
# 1: The M1 Garand

What are your thoughts? Any weapons that should be included in this list?

Our team at Real Military Videos have also recently released a 3-series video on “Infantry Weapons and Their Effects.” Be sure to check them out here:


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