U.S. Army’s Combat Manual And Survival Guide for Zombie Invasion


Vampires were ‘hot’ two years ago, and zombies take that current stand in the sci-fi world this year. With games such as “Left 4 Dead 2″ and movies such as “Zombieland”, “28 Days Later”, “Shaun of the Dead” has contributed to the glorification of zombie-culture. Wouldn’t doubt that we’ll be seeing more of that in the upcoming Comic-Con event either! There are tons of communities, forums, and websites built surrounding the discussion of a possible future zombie outbreak, and tips/tactics on how to stay alive when (and if) that time comes. But is it really a fad, that’s…long to stay?

It seems that the U.S. Army has also taken a huge interest in zombies. Do you think they might’ve watched one too many Hollywood flicks?

Contributing journalist Lena Groeger for Wired.com’s Danger Room reported that the U.S. Army Zombie Combat Command (yes, you read it right) has put together a manifesto, guide, and manual on how we can “identify, fight and kill” zombies. Approved for public release, here is the Army’s FM 999-3 Counter-Zombie Operations at the Fireteam Level document – “primary doctrinal reference on conducting fire team sized infantry operations in a Zombie infested environment in the United States”, in which they guarantee “the survival of the United States in the event of any Zombie emergency.”

Here are some insights/excerpts taken from the manual as reported by Groeger:

Tips to identify a zombie at its various stages of infection:

“Stage 1, Infection: See someone shivering, vomiting, and whose pupils don’t respond to light or darkness? Quick, kill them immediately. Don’t forget to destroy their brains.

“Stage 2, Recently Reanimated: Things get slightly trickier in this stage. Key movements to note are staggered walking, arms extended, slight groans. The manual advises immediate neutralization.

“Stage 3, Active Zombie: This should be the easiest to identify. No body fat, mostly gray, clothing is probably damaged or missing. You know what to do.”

It also talks about the various weapons that are going to be most effective in counter Zombie-operations. The first choice is a standard M4. Others who prefer close-combat can try using a spear, aluminum baseball, or a sword. We are warned against using chainsaws, pitchworks, or axes.

The manual takes in environments, terrains, and weather into consideration. “Zombies can operate in almost any condition, although they slow down once it dips below zero degrees Celsius,” Groeger wrote.

The manual is restricted only to trained U.S. Army soldiers. In other words, don’t try any of these (tactics) at home! You have been warned!



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