“Warco” First Person Footage-Shooter Game


Currently in progress at Defiant Development is an interesting first-person game that allow players to shoot footages (instead of shooting a gun). Andrew Webster with Arstechnica.com sat down to conduct an interview with Defiant’s Morgan Jaffit to understand the game a little deeper.

An Australian journalist by the name of Tony Maniaty has provided an integral insight into the development of the game. Webster explained that Maniaty “envisioned the game as a sort of training simulator.”

“Players will experience the process of filming conflicts, going into dangerous situations armed with nothing but a camera. They will then edit the footage into a compelling news story…Warco is also very much about choice,” Webster wrote.

Jaffit explained that Warco is “also about navigating through a morally gray world and making decisions that have human impact. It’s about finding the story you want to tell, as each of our environments is filled with different story elements you can film and combine in your own ways. It’s both a story telling engine and an action adventure with a new perspective.”

The cool aspect about this game is how it mirror modern-day events that are currently happening in the Middle East and North Africa. While Warco has been in the development stage for the past couple of months, they team are convinced that this is what the next generation of gaming should be.

“We’re optimistic that we’ll find a way to make the project work as a commercial reality,” Jaffit said.


Image: www.yeousch.com


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