WWII Historian Carlo D’Este Wins $100,000 And 2011 Pritzker Award


Acclaimed World War II Historian Carlo D’Este has recently claimed the 2011 Pritzker Military Library Literature Award for Lifetime Achievement in Military Writing. D’Este will receive a supplemental cash prize of $100,000, citation along with a medallion for his significant achievement at the library’s Liberty Gala this coming October, as reported by Jason Boog of MediaBistro.com.

The annual prize is set to follow a set of criteria that embodies “a body of work that has profoundly enriched the public understanding of American military history.” Three of D’Este’s most prolific and renowned works include: “Patton: A Genius for War (1995); “Eisenhower: A Soldier’s Life, 1890-1945 (2002); and “Warlord: A Life of Winston Churchill at War, 1874-1945 (2008),” Boog reported.

“D’Este has made a tremendous collective contribution to the literary community at large … He has spent as much time in the field, with his boots on the ground, as he has seeing to it that scholars of the next generation are carefully mentored while progressing along their own paths,” Library founder Colonel (IL) J. N. Pritzker said. “It’s clear that Carlo’s literary legacy is deeply rooted in all the areas that embody the foundation of this esteemed award, most especially that of increasing the understanding of military history and the role of the Citizen Soldier.”


Image: ArmChairGeneral.com


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