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Military Discounts on Cellular Phone Plans

Military families are always on the go, and most times the best way to communicate with loved ones who may be spread throughout the country is with cell phones. That’s why it’s great news that most of the major cell… Full Story


Book Review: ‘The Invisible Bridge’

“ The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan” ( Simon & Schuster), by Rick Perlstein

Even Republicans piled on President Richard Nixonas the Watergate scandal wore on. But notCalifornia Gov. Ronald Reagan . He said Watergate was being “blown out of proportion”… Full Story


Air Force Works to Extend Life of C-130 Fleet

The U.S. Air Force is working to extend the service life of its fleet of C-130 combat delivery aircraft by replacing center wing boxes on some of the planes and adding new avionics, electronics and instrumentation, service officials told Military​.com.

The modernization effort… Full Story


Army Intelligence System Pulled from Key Test

Officials have withdrawn their intelligence network from a major testing exercise this fall because of software glitches, in the latest setback for the troubled system.

The decision, laid out in a July 15 memorandum obtained by The Associated Press, stands… Full Story


US Army General Killed in Afghan Insider Attack

A U.S. Army major general was shot and killed Tuesday by an Afghan soldier who opened fire with an automatic weapon during a visit to an Afghan training facility on the outskirts of Kabul, officials said.

As many as 15 other coalition… Full Story


MoH Recipient Honors Soldiers Who Died at Wanat

Former Army Staff Sgt. Ryan M. Pitts departed Tuesday from the unwritten but strict terminology surrounding the Medal of Honor in paying tribute to the soldiers who fought alongside him in Afghanistan.

Those who earn the nation’s highest award for valor are invariably called… Full Story


Putin’s Biggest Arms Firm Gets Slide on Sanctions

The U.S. Treasury Department targeted the maker of AK-47 assault rifles and seven other Russian defense firms for sanctions, but gave a pass to a Russian arms exporter that owns a controversial $554 million contract with the U.S. to supply… Full Story


Lawmakers Still Questioning Afghanistan Drawdown

The Afghan election crisis and unraveling of Iraq have lawmakers and regional allies thinking President Barack Obama should rethink his decision to withdraw virtually all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by the close of 2016.

The White House says Afghanistan is… Full Story

Sam 'The Falcon" Wilson Captain America

A Radical Change for Captain America

Army and World War II veteran Steve Rodgers has passed on his shield and title to one of his closest allies: African-American veteran Sam Wilson, also known as Falcon. With the super-soldier serum (the juice that gives him his powers)… Full Story


BAE Brings 3-D Printing to Warplanes

While 3-D printed guns and homes are already here, 3-D printed drones and fighter jets are still far from reality.

But that hasn’t stopped British defense giant BAE Systems Plc and other aerospace firms in the U.S., Europe and Asia from experimenting with… Full Story